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The Simpleboard Development Team
The Simpleboard development team consists of:
Jan de Graaff (also Project Admin), Tomislav Ribicic, Arno Zijlstra and Richard Thornton.

What is boardcode?
Boardcode are special tags that will allow you to format your messages. Currently, SimpleBoard supports links, bold, italic, bold, "quoted" text, img, size, list and colored text. The tags are used as follows:

[b]Bold[/b] will produce Bold

[i]Italic[/b] will produce Italic<Italic<Italic<ItalicUtiorboleItalicS/fo &nbs]Italic[/b] wi[gs ar=#FF0000]Retrogs aralic<ItalicRet &nbs]Italic[/b] wi[olo=150] hrefes.div> [/oloalic<Italica.div> df 150 pixte(.lic[/b] wiPlekratremembnt.ssagcojegofes.a d 499 pixte(.l/umi]Italic[/b] wi[ul][li]ionm 1[/li][/ulalic<Italican un"> r/>. T, iypeplekratkeep i| kpti.ssa'<<"flat">

    " h>ionm 1ut class="inputboable> w h>ionm 2ut class="inputboaw h>ionm 3Wul>" href="hlic[/b] wilfoll[ol]lowslic<Italica.4/fil; / T, iype"> r/>(icthcnumbnts)e Graaff (also P<"flat">
ble> widt
    " h>ionm 1ut class="inputboable> ble> w h>ionm 2ut class="inputboautboaw h>ionm 3Wol>" href="hlic[/b] will prourl]ndex.php/coya4]="qom[/urlalic<]="qom">ndex.php/coya4]="qominnav]Italic[/b] will prourl=ndex.php/coya4]="qom]Ya4]=![/urlalic<]="qom">Ya4]=!innav]Italic[/b] will proze, l]Qe, l[/ze, l]lic<Italiff (also P
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